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The mission of the Sahrdaya is to alleviate the suffering of individuals and families in the poorest communities through sustainable grassroots initiatives aimed at local empowerment, access to health services, and educational opportunities, in an effort to fulfill basic human rights, embracing a spirit of compassion and service to all humanity.

NGO Profile making

Each NGO will get separate profile page which will have a brief introduction to the organization -vision, mission and highlights of work they do. It is a basic requirement in the absence of brochures, website and other promotional material, this could be a single source of marketing document for an NGO. It will be similar to having their own website, where everything is maintained by us.

Branding For NGO

Brand is all about perception people have about your organization. We normally observe few NGOs do better job at reaching out to the masses than others. We will help NGO in redefining their profile and identify more effective ways to communicate their work to the audience. @Sahrdaya we can help you through digital marketing and publicity strategies.

Platform for social events

Do you know which social events are happening near by you? Do you know if there is anything you can help with? With help of Sahrdaya app now one can see events happening near to you and your city. Like,attend, participate and share with your friends and family.

Transparency for Donations

Sahrdaya provides wide options/categories for donors be it food, goods or money. We understand that every donor expects to know how his contribution was utilized. Also transparency regarding other funds received and their disbursement. We mandate all our NGO partners to disclose donations received through our organization and report their usage. This is to assure that donations reach to NGO’s which truly deserve it and also develop a relationship of trust for future engagement.

Analysis of NGO Work and their events.

Getting good results and response for the Events, Activities is Important. Resources are involved in planning, conducting of activities and if the results doesnt come as expected, cause negative impact. Sahrdaya offers Monitoring and Assessment tools for NGOs. Studying the nature of work, impact audience and the past outcomes; planning for next plans and events.

Donation Recommendation

Raising funds is also a challenge for NGO’s. Similarly donors have a dilemma where to donate. We will provide users suggestions for a right NGO for you to donate based on their area of interest and NGO requirements. This would ease up work for individual and Corporate donors as we would have the NGO background and requirements verified.

Managing fundraising events

Occasionally NGO’s need huge funds for supporting some natural calamities, medical conditions or other unforeseen changes. For such activities it is crucial that they use the right platform and right audience. We will provide an user friendly, efficient and measurable tool for fundraising. People know where, how they can help and bring the most impact and see the lives they transform.

Maintaining pages for NGO

We found Non Profit Organizations usually dont have dedicated team for updating their work on social media and posting to their volunteers. Our role will be handling all social media pages for them. Including Website, Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc pages.

Organizing social Events

Getting volunteers for your events, organizing the speakers and session conductors, arranging the decorations, marketing and communication. WeTogehter offer all services and resources required for any Event.

CSR Activity planning

Government of India made CSR mandatory. Corporates and organizations are putting lot of efforts in conducting CSR activities these days. At Sahrdaya; We work with corporates helping them plan their activities. Choosing Right Project related to their area of work, which will help them not only in directing funds in right direction but also showcasing their work effectively.

Support NGO to grow In different cities

Its always good to spread the work you are doing, and reaching different cities. NGOs who are looking for having their centers in different location can now expand through Sahrdaya. Either its limited to conducting few workshops or branch of your NGO. we will help you.

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